All about Viera 1989-2018 a new town in Brevard County Florida

Viera is a magnificient new town with over 22,000 population and still growing.

I was fortunate to be involved with the original planning and development of Viera as a board member and consultant for 10 years.

Henry Luke 4/18/2018

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Article from Imprimis a publication of Hillsdale College

“How to meet the strategic challenge posed by China” click here

“The Politicization of the FBI” Click here

For more from Imprimis click here


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‘We are almost there’: Speaker describes fundraising success for Topeka’s Momentum 2022

Momentum 2022′s ongoing capital campaign has raised $6.18 million of its $6.3 million goal in private donations from local inves

Kayla Bitler, Momentum 2022 strategic coordinator for Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce and GO Topeka, said Thursday she expects the campaign to exceed its goal.

Momentum 2022 is financed by the Topeka Community Foundation, GO Topeka, Heartland Visioning, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, and United Way of Greater Topeka. Shawnee County Commissioner Shelly Buhler, Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla and Keith Warta of Bartlett and West lead an implementation committee.

For entire article click here.

Henry Luke 3/1/2018

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Wage growth of workers [bottom 80%] and supervisors [top 20%]

The supervisors have a long term increase and workers a long term decline. Wage growth of workers and supervisors

Henry Ford said; “The owner, the employees, and the buying public are all one and the same, and unless an industry can so manage itself as to keep wages high and prices low it destroys itself, for otherwise it limits the number of its customers. One’s own employees ought to be one’s own best customers. We increased the buying power of our own people, and they increased the buying power of other people, and so on and on,” Ford wrote. “It is this thought of enlarging buying power by paying high wages and selling at low prices that is behind the prosperity of this country.” Todays owners and supervisors ought to take this to heart. For source click here

Henry Luke 2/13/2018

For how to have peace with God click here, how to have peace of God click here, and how to disciple others click here.

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The Best Cities in the United States–By National Geographic

Ratings reveal unexpected travel surprises in 30 smaller cities. I have been honored to provide strategic planning services to 8 of these 30 cities during my career:
Greenville, SC; Charleston, SC; Spokane, WA; Rapid City, SD; Asheville, NC; Lakeland, FL; Pensacola, FL; and Columbia, SC.

All Cities and Regions where Henry Luke provided strategic planning services click here.

Henry Luke 1/27/2018

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Innovation in Flagler County, Florida

Flagler County is the next county south of the Jacksonville Metro area. They have developed an innovative program that is addressing the national talent concern. See article:

In about 1971, I was called to New York to initiate a project with my firm RS&H to develop a master plan for about 100,000 acres that has now become Palm Coast in Flagler County. There are now 100,000 people in Flagler county. I retired from RS&H in 1996. See link for current RS&H with over 50 offices:

Henry Luke 1/24/2018


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Polk County Sits in the middle of Florida’s Super Region

Tremendous article on Polk County, Florida as “Florida’s Powerhouse Center for Ecommerce and Fulfillment Centers”

I facilitated Polk Vision in 2004. Click for a complete list of visioning communities:

Henry Luke 1/24/2018

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