Florida’s inland ports of call

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Florida’s inland ports of call

Jason Garcia | 11/26/2014

Moving freight swiftly and accurately is the heart of logistics. Deciding what seaport to use typically comes down to cost — what’s the least expensive way to ship the merchandise, including ship, rail and truck.

So I was particularly interested to attend the dedication of the CSX Intermodal Center in Winter Haven in mid-October. Despite the heavy machinery that’s typically very loud (trains, trucks, gantry cranes), the place operates almost silently. And much is driven by computers. To say I was impressed is a big understatement.

The CSX location is open and operating, but it’s no surprise that another half-dozen are in planning stages. I expect one of the south Florida locations to follow and then perhaps one in the northern tier.

Investors in seven major inland port projects are banking on a jump in international trade, but will there be enough business for all of them? Get updates on them all, including: Plum Creek Timber’s North Florida Intermodal Center; Rayonier’s Crawford Diamond Industrial Center; CSX’s Central Florida Intermodal Logistics Center; A. Duda & Sons’ Americas Gateway Logistics Center; U.S. Sugar and Hilliard Bros.’ Airglades Airport; Florida East Coast Industries’ South Florida Logistics Center; and Florida Crystals’ South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center.

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