Climate Change Data

Leaving off the black line as a high outlier it is clear, from the other 3 projections of Global Temparture rate of change, that the rate of growth slowed since 2000 compared to 1970-2000. It is also clear that to the extent Carbon Dioxide emissions impact climate data, China’s dramatic growth 2000-2015 had the greatest impact. China more than doubled total tonnage. In 2015 China had increased to a 29% share of the global total, while United States had declined to only a 14% share of global total tonnage of carbon emissions. China’s share in total global emissions was estimated at 15% in 2001, and the country surpassed the United States in 2005 as the largest emitting country. Source:   Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Country 1990-2015

NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of U.S. Department of Commerce.

Source of chart:  Did Global Warming Slow Down in the 2000s, or Not?

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