One2Won Discipleship for Men and Women

Remedial Discipling & Discipling the Next Generation

First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida

for men click here  or here and for women click here

The Disciples learned directly from Jesus, spending time together, listening, learning and doing. We don’t have the Master Teacher Himself, but we do have access to His mind through the Holy Spirit and the Gospel. And we can be available to one another spending time, reading, studying, learning and sharing the scripture… not our opinions, but God’s Word.

God commands us to reach out individually, teach others and make disciples until all have heard.

One2Won Discipleship stands on God’s Word, using a predetermined series of steps and scripture. Simple to use, it teaches, challenges, and builds relationships. First, allow someone to love you and be encouraged to reach out and love another. It is repeatable! Timothy’s become Paul’s and Ruth’s become Naomi’s.

Some thoughts on the One2Won book:
1. The 25 sessions are outlined in the table of contents.

2. The program is based on Barnabas, Paul & Timothy or Naomi & Ruth relationships.

3. “One2Won Discipleship” is a twenty-five session equipping process that will provide the elements of basic training that a Christ follower will need to fight and win “the good fight of faith” and have the ability to transfer that faith to another “person”. Joe White wrote the men’s document and authorized FBC to revise for women.

4. Each session is about 4 pages including an Introduction, Old Testament & New Testament Scripture, Observation Questions, Personal Observations & Application, Locker Room/Contemplation & My Prayers.

5. The Paul & Timothy or Naomi & Ruth come to each hour-long session with the lesson prepared & then go over it together.

6. We meet for sessions at local restaurants such as Paneras during the week. Meetings may be at breakfast, lunch, dinner or other times to meet the availability of the two participants.

7. FBC began using this process in August 2009 and it is a proven success.

8. The men’s and women’s book are available in the FBC media sales center in the Main Auditorium 2nd floor east side on Sunday. The Media Sales Center can be reached by telephone on Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 to 3:00 at 904-366-1231 or by email at They can be downloaded free below:

for men click here or here and for women click here

For information contact FBC Staff: Frank Shannon: and Marilyn Kirkpatrick: MarilynK@FBCJAX.COM


Henry Luke

For how to have peace with God click here, how to have peace of God click here, and how to disciple others click here

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